Damn Tall Buildings

Buy Damn Tall Buildings new album  here .

Buy Damn Tall Buildings new album here.


"We are damn tall buildings

Our sound comes from a collective happy place we’ve found in the music written in rural america, or as it’s more popularly known: roots. This music was written primarily by poor people living off what they could grow from the land, and it displays all of the grittiness, rust, and realism of the era from which it was conceived.

Our music doesn’t fit in to any single roots genre, so we’ve had to create a homestead for ourselves under our very own banner: guerrilla roots.

Guerrilla roots is our answer to anybody who’s ever condemned a type of music before getting to know it. It’s for anyone who hates the twanginess of bluegrass, abhors haughty jazz, or loathes the clichéd nature of the blues. To anyone with preconceived notions similar to this, our music is an invitation for you to reconsider.

Guerrilla roots is much more than a genre; it’s a movement intended to open the ears of the general public to old music repurposed for a modern audience.

It’s our own special remedy, concocted with deft hands and heavy hearts,

To relieve this new generation of homogenized music."

—Damn Tall Buildings


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