About birnCORE

The Berklee Internet Radio Network's BIRN Cooperative Recordings (birnCORE Records) is a new record label created to emphasize performance, musicianship and collaboration at one of the world's premier music colleges. birnCORE records and releases live music from some of today's best independent artists. Whether in front of a 200-person audience at the Red Room @ Café 939, or on the air in a BIRN in-studio performance, birnCORE releases showcase the performance chops of some of today's most captivating artists in every genre. Captured in the state-of-the-art studio facilities at Berklee College of Music, these releases are priced to benefit the most important stop in the music industry supply chain: the consumer. If you are a fan of the artist or band, we think you'll love their birnCORE release. Sign up for the latest news about birnCORE below.

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